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Designer Services
Level D1: Custom Home Design by Architect for Contractor’s Standard Construction

The Designer Level Services are Florida Architect Warren E. Barry’s most popular services for obtaining house plans. Warren’s Designer services have a very high value per dollar spent and are what he recommends for most single family home construction projects.

Service Level D1 is intended for clients who want to have their home custom designed inside and out from the beginning, specifically for them and their site, based on their wants and needs, by Warren. Warren’s nicest designs have resulted from this service level. Warren’s design abilities produce a much nicer home than most home owners, draftsman, engineers, and contractors typically produce. Warren produces attractive and functional designs that are properly documented, coordinated, code compliant, and constructible as drawn.

Service Level D1 is essentially the same as Service level D2 with the exception that with Level D1, Warren designs a custom floor plan instead of it being designed by the client or contractor. With that in mind, to get a full understanding of this service, it is important to review Service Level D2 after having reviewed this text.

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