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Affordable Florida Home Plans



In addition to custom home plans, FL Architect Warren E. Barry also offers pre-designed, print ready, affordable Florida home plans as well.  If building a home in Florida, this service is superior to purchasing plans from most websites, as the plans obtained with this service are compliant with Florida building codes and signed/sealed by a licensed Florida Architect.  Most books and websites sell plans that must be taken to a Florida architect or engineer after purchase for review, modification for compliance with Florida codes, preparation of a site plan, and sign/seal, all at additional expense.  Do not be fooled by the low prices on such websites, those low prices are not for code compliant, permit ready plans.

The Architectural portion of Warren’s print ready plans are kept up to date, compliant with the current building code, and ready to print.  Structural Requirements change depending on the location of the project in Florida, due to Hurricane related code requirements, so that portion of the plans, provided by Warren’s structural engineer, is prepared specifically for each project. In addition, as each project is built on its own unique property, Warren prepares a project specific site plan using your legal survey.

Warren’s print ready affordable home plans are designed and drawn by Warren to provide high quality plans, at a far more economical price point than having a set of plans custom drawn. The cost savings realized by using one of the print ready affordable home plans can be several thousand dollars in comparison to having custom plans drawn.

The print ready affordable home plans also significantly speeds up the process of obtaining plans, as the architectural portion of the plans are ready to print. Compared to the months that it can takes to go through the process of having a custom set of plans drawn, this saves a lot of calendar time. 

To the right are links to sample views of the print ready affordable home plans currently available. If you would like to see a larger copy of the design, the 3D Printed model in person (which has a removable roof that reveals the interior walls, doors, cabinets, furniture, etc. inside), or view the full set of architectural drawings for the design, feel free to call to schedule an in-office meeting.




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