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Residential Services Overview

Newberry / Gainesville, Florida Architect Warren E. Barry offers architectural services for residential projects in a service area spanning over half the state of Florida. Warren has worked with clients located both locally and from across the United States.  Warren specializes in home plans for new custom homes while also offering services for home additions and home renovations. In addition, Warren has a thorough understanding of design strategies for aging-in-place which is of great value for those planning ahead for retirement, either for themselves, or for a family member.


For new homes, FL Architect Warren E. Barry offers a range of service levels to select from, each service level being appropriately and competitively priced based on the services provided with each. Warren's Designer Service Levels are his most popular services and those he recommends in most cases. Whatever your budget and expectations are for the design and documentation of your house plans, one of Warren’s service levels is sure to meet your needs.


Architect Warren E. Barry delivers all aspects of his services from start to finish including communication with the client, design, and production of the construction documents. If you are looking for services to be performed by someone with a quality education, proper training in their field, exceptional design abilities, knowledge of the building codes, a balance of creativity and practicality, a thorough understanding of how homes are built, and all at a price that is appropriate to the services you desire, give Warren a call, he looks forward to hearing from you.


NOTE: When it comes to purchasing house plans, it is important to look at more than just the price. When shopping for services, be sure you know what is included in the fee you are quoted both by Warren and by others in order to make a proper comparison. Are changes included? Is a site visit included? Is coordination with the truss company and structural engineer included? How much detail is put into the construction documents? Is the person producing the documents qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable on building codes, construction, and your specific needs? Is design time included? Are references available, and so on. Until you are comparing equal services, you are not effectively comparing fees. Warren is happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding his services and how they compare to those commonly provided by others, call any time.

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