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Architectural Services
Level A1: Custom Home Design and Detailing with
Construction Administration

Architectural Services are for clients who want a custom home design with a high level of detail, that is extremely unique or conceptual in design, and/or want to obtain accurate and comparable (apples to apples) construction bids from contractors for competitive purposes.


Architectural Home Design Services are the most complete and detailed services that Florida Architect Warren E. Barry offers for new home construction projects. Service Level A1 is the same as Level A2 with the addition of a competitive bid process, construction contract review, and Construction Observation Services. During the competitive bid process, Warren prepares a bid form that is sent to 3 or 4 client selected builders. This bid form, once completed by the builders, allows for an accurate and proper comparison between bids, and sets the stage for the construction contract between the contractor and client. Once a builder has been selected, Warren reviews the construction contract prepared by the builder to ensure that it has no wording that overrides or negates the construction documents, to help ensure that it is not an inappropriate or one-sided contract favoring the builder, and more. Once the construction contract between the client and builder is executed, the builder can apply for a building permit.  Once a building permit is obtained, construction can begin. The Construction Observation Services which are provided during the construction process are important in order to verify that the home is built by the Home Builder and sub-contractors according to the construction documents. If deviation from the construction documents is found, Warren notifies both the client and builder of the deviation in writing, so that it is documented and can be addressed promptly. During construction observation, Warren visits the project regularly, compares the construction to the construction documents, and documents the construction at each visit with photos of both the overall project as well as its assembly details. A copy of the photos taken by Warren during construction are provided to you for your records and future reference. Warren is also available to you during the contractor selection, bidding, permitting, and construction phases to answer any questions that may arise, and to provide opinions and architectural guidance on topics of discussion as they arise.


See Service Level A2 for information regarding what is included in this service during the design and documentation phases. 

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